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Suze is a member of Chelmsford Motor Club. She holds both a Rally National B Licence (although eligible to hold a National A if required), and a Race National B Licence and is also a Probationary National B Stage Rally Clerk of the Course.

Suze is the Go Motorsport Regional Development Officer for London and the South East. Suze works with schools, colleges, motor clubs and others to promote and develop motorsport and help people get involved via various methods including competing, organising and volunteering. A key message is that club and grassroots motorsport is accessible. As well as helping introduce people to motorsport, working with motor clubs and supporting, guiding and advising them is also a key aspect. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch with Suze via the Contact page.

Suze started competing during the 2007 season and has competed in car trials, circuit racing, sprints, autotests, gymkhanas, autosolos, navigational rallies, stage rallies, targa rallies, endurance rallies and other disciplines. 

Suze grew up around motor-racing and always enjoyed spectating as a child and watching the Grand Prix on television at the weekend. Her Dad often took her to race meetings which is where she first really picked up the bug for motorsport. She first joined a motor club in 2006, when she joined Sevenoaks, and shortly afterwards joined the committee as Press & PR Co-ordinator before taking over editing the club magazine "The Acorn" in April 2009. Having marshalled on a couple of events in 2006, Suze wanted to see how she could get involved in the sport and compete herself. Since then, Suze has built on the number of events she competes in and now competes in up to 20 events a year.  

During the 2009 and 2010 seasons, rather than do lots of different events, Suze decided to concentrate on a few Championships. During the 2009 - 2010 season she competed in the CMC 12 Car Winter Series and was aiming to win the class. However Suze managed to go one better and surprise herself, and won the championship overall! This was a really good achievement as she had marshalled, organised, driven and navigated on events. During 2010 Suze competed in the ASEMC Car Trial Championship and The Endurance Road Rally Championship, both in the Micra, and also competed in various other events that took her fancy.

Over the past few seasons Suze competed in a number of different cars including an endurance spec Nissan Micra, two different standard Rover 214s, an endurance / stage spec Rover 214, a stage spec Peugeot 106 and a Mazda Eunos.

During the 2011 season Suze concentrated on the Endurance Road Rally Championship and other events, but she concentrated on doing fewer events and raising the remaining money needed to make the Micra stage spec with the aim of doing her first stage rally as a driver in 2011. As of July 2011 the Micra had finished being built to stage spec and had been logbooked, ready for Suze and the car's first stage event in September which she finished, the Hutton Kitchens Woodbridge Stages. Suze finished 11th in the ERRC in 2010 and was aiming for top ten in the Championship in 2011 but finished 12th - unfortunately issues on the final round dashed her championship hopes, but she did secure her best finish of the championship on a round in April, where she finished 10th overall on the Great Bustard.

Up until October 2009 Suze's everyday road car was a 1.3 Micra - not the coolest car on the road but it served her very well. You can't complain too much at paying a little over £400 and using it as your daily driver but also as a competition car since 2007! It was used for Car Trials, sprinting, autotests, scatters, 12 cars and gymkhanas amongst other things and held up nicely - a lot better than expected. Being a small car with a short wheelbase it was an ideal car for events such as Car Trials and autotests, but did show its lack of speed when at sprints, depending on the course and conditions.

During the 2008 season Suze bought another Micra, known as "Muriel," in order to compete on The Preston. As it survived the event pretty much in one piece she kept it for The Preston 2009 and has also used it on a few Car Trials, 12 Cars, scatters and any other events she fancied as well as building it to Endurance spec during the 2009 season, so that she could start driving on Enduros herself in 2010. Muriel has also successfully competed on Wales Rally GB twice! In 2009 Suze bought a Mazda Eunos to replace the original Micra and has used this on 12 Cars and Autosolos as well.

Suze also competed on a few events in an endurance and stage rallying spec Rover 214 with her husband Matt Endean. They competed in a variety of events in it together including stage rallies, endurance rallies and gymkhanas. They also used Matt's road car, a standard 214, at times on events or if none of the other cars were suitable or running! Having seen Suze and Matt competing, Suze's Dad decided to "get in on the act" too and also bought a Rover 214 to compete in, and during 2010 Suze and her Father competed in their first event together successfully both navigating for each other - it was successful as Suze beat her Father and won the class and he took 2nd in his class.

At the end of the 2010 season, the Micra was in full Endurance spec with the necessary safety modifications [SOS/OK board, extinguisher etc]. The suspension had also been upgraded to Spax all round adjustable forest spec and had a full rollcage put in. By July 2011 the Micra was logbooked for stage rallying and during 2012, the car was developed further with a number of Group A parts taking it away from the Endurance specification which is very standard, in order to make it more competitive on stage rallies whilst still remaining eligible for road rallies.

In 2013, Suze and Matt decided to tackle one of their bucket list ambitions and compete on Wales Rally GB, the final round of the World Rally Championship, in Muriel. They finished and enjoyed it so much, they went back in 2014 in order to try and improve on their result which they successfully did, finishing 5th in class in 2014 (7th in class in 2013), 50th overall and they were the first Micra home out of three Micras competing on the event.


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